At our garage located only 10 minutes away from Dublin, we use the latest equipment and tools to maintain your car needs. We will thoroughly check and service your car.

From engine replacement to new windscreen wiper blades, Jonathan Fildes Services are trained to service all makes and models and have access to schedule manuals and parts.

Even though any vehicle needs regular servicing, here are some tips that would help you take care of your vehicle yourself:

1. Oil checks are essential for your own safety and the performance of your vehicle. Make sure you don’t run out of oil.
2. Always check your tyres for air pressure and thread depth before long journeys. Read more about Tyre Safety here.
3. If any red lights appear on your dash check your car manual or contact your garage as soon as you can.
4. Brakes – If you begin to hear a squealing or grinding noise this may be an indicator that your brakes need replacing.
5. Get your vehicle serviced on a regular basis.

Contact us today to find out more about full vehicle service and learn more about servicing your car in our Blog