Replace headlight bulbs in your car in 8 easy steps

You can have the fanciest car, but it doesn’t matter if your headlights aren’t working and need attention. You can replace the headlights in your car yourself. Fortunately, it is a relatively painless process.

However, we recommend you bring the car to our garage if you want to save your time, and we will replace the bulbs while you wait.

How to replace headlights on your own

1. First of all, you want to make sure you get the right type of bulb for your car. Normally, you will be asked your make and model at your local auto parts shop, to match a bulb.

2. Get the alcohol wipes and some tissues or gloves to wipe and hold the new bulb.

3. Open your bonnet and locate a bulb holder with a power connector (usually 3 wires) near the front of your vehicle.

4. Now you will have to detach the power wires. You will find them attached to a plug at the base of the headlight. They may be held by:

  • A plastic catch: push down on a small lever at the top while pulling the plug out.
  • A metal clip: holding onto it, pull the clip up and away.
  • A screw cap: turn it counter-clockwise.

5. Now it’s time to remove the old bulb, by taking off the headlight holder and removing the bulb, holding on to its base. Sometimes, you will have to rotate the bulb a little bit to get it free.

6. Use your gloves or tissues to hold a new bulb and clean it with alcohol wipes, make sure there are no fingerprints, dust or stains on it. Now you can stick it into the base of the plug, paying close attention to the bulb’s rubber gasket – in case, the bulb is installed correctly the rubber gasket will not be showing.

7. Put the headlight holder back and plug the power wires back in.

8. Test your new bulb by turning on the headlights in the car.

Here at Jonathan Fildes Services we can replace headlights in your car and save your time!

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