Engine Repair

Jonathan Fildes Services run complete engine diagnostics, engine reconditioning and repairs of all makes and models.

Do you hear any of the following sounds coming from your car?
– Whirring
– Pinking
– Knocking
– Hissing
– Popping
– Grinding or screeching

These sounds usually indicate problems with your vehicle, which would have to be thoroughly examined and fixed. Here are just a few common issues that bring unusual noises on in your car:

  • a problem with the power steering pump or alternator;
  • an issue with the coil pack, or spark plugs;
  • worn engine or transmission mounting;
  • the cooling system, exhaust, catalytic converter or vacuum line;
  • the ignition wires, air filter, distributor cap, ignition module or engine compression;
  • worn brake pads or rotors.

The longer you wait, hoping the noise might go away on its own, the more problems with your vehicle it could cause. Whatever problem you have, we will run full engine diagnostics, fix your car and make sure it’s safe and pleasant to drive again.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service using the most modern and specialised equipment.

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